Story Of Arcadia

Inspiration by Pearl

Inspired by the gifts of nature, Arcadia Jewellery works fascinating craftsmanship on precious materials, renders elegance and glamour – and impresses enchanting memories in minds.

Pearls express their inherent elegance and grace all the time. No matter as earrings, necklaces, bracelets or finger rings, they always suit wearers of every age and style. As one of the most beautiful and fascinating gifts of nature, every piece of pearl is unique on earth.

Beauty of Natural Color

Arcadia pearls’ color is grown in natural. There is no artificial make up to our pearls. Color of each piece is gifted by its mother of pearl. It is dazing in unique beauty.

Fantasy World

Distinctive luster and color of every single pearl brings infinite possibility on creativity. Arcadia discovers the best facet of pearl to make each creation. It evokes glamour of the jewellery piece wearer.

Our designers are inspired by unique shape of baroque pearls to create their master pieces. We reveal the core beauty of each pearl to be a shining creation. Turn pearls to be fantastic jewellery.

Arcadia Hallmark

Each creation has a little Arcadia stamp. This hallmark is Arcadia guarantee on excellent quality. Each jewellery piece is born in hundreds of hours from hand drawing, mold making, diamond matching, gemstone setting, polishing, to pearl setting. Craftsmen devote their hearts and souls to every steps of jewellery making.