Jewellery Creation

Arcadia’s designers are inspired from nature and elements of daily life to create a wide range of jewellery series, including Ocean Collection, Double Happiness Wedding Collection, and Masquerade Mask Collection.

By applying modern jewellery technique, design of jewellery piece can be presented as original imagination from dream. With remarkable craftsman skills, our jewellers perfectly craft every creation. Our designers, gem-setters, and jewellers work closely together to deliver their great passion on every jewellery making. Our wish is to provide supreme jewellery to the wearer.

The Ultimate Name in Pearls

Arcadia’s pearl experts visit pearl farms in Asia Pacific regularly in search of quality pearls. Millions of pearls are procured every year.

With tons of material selection, our designers have high degree of freedom on their creations. Jewellers are able to choose the best combination of gemstone and pearls for jewellery making. Pearl-craftsmen carefully handle each single pearl. Selected pearls are perfectly showcased on our jewellery pieces.

Gemstone Setting

The structure of jewellery is carefully studied. Jewellers select gemstones and determine their position of the jewellery. Gem-setters sculpt the gold gradually and place gemstones skilfully. Setting of every gemstone is checked individually to ensure superb quality. The refinement of polishing is the final re-touch to shining the jewellery piece.