Caring for Pearl Jewellery

The eternal beauty of pearl jewellery can be retained by our care as below:

Pearl luster can be kept much better by more frequent wearing because natural skin oils help preserve pearls from drying and becoming dull.

Pearls should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth right after wearing.

Pearl jewellery can also be cleaned gently by mild detergent. Then wipe it softly with a soft damp towel and pat dry with another soft cloth.

Pearl strand should not be hanged for a long period of time to prevent the string from getting loose.

Pearl strand should be restrung every 3 years to prevent breakage.

Pearl jewellery should be wiped in soft cloth and kept in a jewellery box to avoid scratching.

To protect pearls from extreme dryness, rub them with a few drops of baby oil or natural oil before put in a jewellery box for long time storage.

Avoid using cosmetics, perfume, sun block oil and hair spray when wearing pearls jewellery.

Don’t wear pearl jewellery when showering and doing physical exercise.